Student Co-ordinator

The Monte San Martino Trust is looking for a new Student Co-ordinator to replace Edward Gretton, who has decided to leave the role he has carried out brilliantly for the past 10 years.

Prior to Edward, the job was done for five years by his partner, Susan Wilson. The Trust is extremely grateful to both of them for the care they have taken of our Italian students.

From left: Edward Gretton, a MSMT student and David Mullany, Principal of Central School,London

The role of Student Co-ordinator is integral to the Trust’s mission to welcome students as a way of saying “thank you” to the Italian people for their bravery in sheltering Allied prisoners of war on the run.

Each year the Trust awards up to 35 four-week bursaries to Italians aged 18-25, giving them the opportunity to study at one of the two language schools used by MSMT (in London and at Wheatley, near Oxford). Candidates apply by 31 January and, if accepted, can arrive at any time during the year, although the majority choose a period between June and September.

The Co-ordinator liaises with a successful applicant about travel arrangements to the UK and arranges for a MSMT volunteer to meet the student and conduct her/him to the homestay family selected by the language school. The Co-ordinator liaises with the college, and with the Trust’s Secretary and Administrator, if problems occur during the term of the bursary.

The Co-ordinator provides the student’s initial contact with the Trust. The role therefore requires good communication skills, a caring personality and a calm head to deal with the unexpected.

The bulk of the Co-ordinator’s work takes place between February and September. Hours are unpredictable but can be organised around a busy life. The Co-ordinator is paid per student; this is not an employed position. The role is best managed from London but this is not essential.

A full job description is contained in the pdf that can be downloaded below. Enquiries should be directed to Letitia Blake, Trust Secretary, or John Simkins, Administrator, at

MSMT Student Co-ordinator