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Lt R Salvi with Escaped POWs
May 8, 2020 / News, PoW camps

Research into Indian PoWs

Light is being shed on the largely forgotten story of Indian soldiers who became prisoners of war in Italy, thanks to the research of Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Professor of Art (photography) at the University of Rhode Island, USA. The PoWs were among the 50,000 Indian soldiers who fought in the Italian campaign on behalf of the Allies during WW11.
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March 31, 2020 / News

Partisan memorial

Italy is a land of many sad memorials recording the courage and sacrifice of Italians and other nationalities who fought...
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January 4, 2020 / News

Leslie Young’s exploits

Sir Nick Young, MSMT’s chairman, is to relate the extraordinary wartime adventures of his father, Leslie, in a talk at...
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