Tours of Servigliano camp

A programme of free tours has been arranged at PG 59 at Servigliano in le Marche, one of the major former prisoner of war camps in Italy.

The tours are taking place every Wednesday at 5pm from April to September 2019. They are in the English language and start at the Casa della Memoria opposite the Parco della Pace. They last one hour and no reservation is required.

The camp was built in 1915 as a prison for Austro-Hungarian soldiers and was transformed during the Fascist regime into a camp for Allied soldiers of the Second World War and as an internment camp for Jews. In September 1943 thousands of British and American servicemen escaped and were sheltered by the contadini nearby. One of those was Keith Killby, founder of the Monte San Martino Trust.

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free tours of Servigliano camp