SAS in Italy

The historian Malcolm Tudor has written the first book covering all SAS operations in Italy during the Second World War. Its title is SAS in Italy, 1943-1945 and it was published by Fonthill Media in November 2018.

 In the summer of 1943, although David Stirling, the originator of the Special Air Service, was imprisoned in Italy’s high-security prison at Gavi, his work continued. Daring missions were carried out behind enemy lines in Italy by the 2nd SAS Regiment and the Special Raiding Squadron.

 First they mounted island raids, participated in the invasion of the mainland, rescued prisoners of war and supported the Allied landings at Anzio. Later, they helped to breach the Gothic Line, in concert with the Italian Resistance.

 Malcolm Tudor’s Italian mother and his grandparents were awarded the Alexander Certificate for helping escaping prisoners of war.

 The book is the ninth he has written about Italy during the Second World War. His earlier works include Among the Italian Partisans: the Allied Contribution to the Resistance (2016), also published by Fonthill, and Prisoners and Partisans: Escape and Evasion in World War 11 (

 SAS in Italy is available through in both hardback and Kindle versions.