Bombing Auschwitz

Could the Allies have bombarded the Auschwitz concentration camp from the sky to stop its mass murders? From 1942 onwards, more and more was known about what was happening in the concentration camps, with stories of trains taking people there, yet no-one returning.

In his book Bombardare Auschwitz, published in 2015,Umberto Gentiloni Silveri, Professor of Contemporary History at La Sapienza University in Rome, discusses how Auschwitz could have been bombed and why that did not happen.

Gentiloni describes the possible reasons for the failure to bomb Auschwitz. There was the difficulty of confirming the reports of the exterminations; the silence emanating from Stalin’s Russia, which was best placed to know if the reports were true and to conduct a raid; and also the prevailing anti-Semitism in some quarters of the western world.