Notice to Authors/Copyright-owners

The Monte San Martino Trust is enormously grateful to all those authors (and their families) who have, over the years, donated to the Trust accounts of escapes from Italian prisoner of war camps in Italy, and of time spent by the escapers whilst ‘on the run’.
In most cases, no restrictions were placed by the author (or copyright-owner if different) upon the use of the material by the Trust.
One of the Trust’s main objects is to educate the public about the experience of Allied prisoners of war in Italy, and the bravery of those who helped them, and to publish material relating to those experiences. The Trust has therefore decided, in accordance with its objects, to make the accounts (or extracts from, or summaries of them) available to the public via its website, and via its recently digitised archive.

We believe that the vast majority of authors/copyright-owners would have no objection, and that they would be pleased for the material to be available to other escaper families, researchers, and to the public at large, as a way of celebrating and showing gratitude for the bravery of both the escapers and their Italian helpers.

Nevertheless, the Trust recognises that, without a specific agreement to that effect with the author/copyright-owner, it is not in a position either to claim copyright in the accounts itself, or to assume consent to publication in this way. The Trust is no longer in contact with the majority of copyright-owners, nor is it in a position to identify them with any certainty.
The Trust has therefore, on its websites, notified anyone wishing (other than for private study) to copy, use, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit or otherwise use the material, that they are responsible for ensuring that they first obtain all necessary permissions from the copyright-owners.

The Trust appreciates that, in the circumstances, some copyright-owners may wish to withdraw their material so that it is no longer available on the Trust’s website or via its digital archive, in which case they should please contact [email protected].
If, upon reading this notice, a copyright-owner is willing to confirm consent for the material to be made available other than for private study, please contact the same address.